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Samskaras on Sep 21,2014

posted Oct 14, 2014, 12:13 PM by Balvihar Teachers 6A   [ updated Aug 29, 2015, 9:06 PM by Balvihar Administrator ]
"Each work we do, Each thought we think produces an impression called SAMSKARA - upon the mind and the total sum of these impressions becomes the tremendous force which is called CHARACTER "    -  Swami Vivekananda

Out of the 40 samskaras , 16 samskaras were discussed in the class.
We talked about how the 16 different samskaras mark the important stages of one's life .

We also discussed about the - Pancha Maha Yagnas ( five daily duties to be performed by every householder)
  • Brahma Yajna - studying and teaching of Vedas 
  • Deva Yajna - offering prayers to God 
  • Pitruyajna - offering libations to ancestors
  • Bhutayajna - offering food to animals/plants
  • Manushyayajna - helping those people in need

 Benefits of Hindu Samskaras

1.Samskaras provide sound mental and physical health and the confidence to face life's challenges
2.They are believed to purify blood and increase blood circulation, sending more oxygen to every organ
3.Samskaras can energizes the body and revitalizes it
4.They can increase physical strength and stamina to work for longer period of time
5.They rejuvenate the mind and enhance concentration and intellectual capacity
6.Samskaras give a sense of belonging, culture, and refined sensibilities
7.They direct energy to humanitarian causes thereby building a strong character
8.Samskaras kill vices, such as pride, ego, selfishness, wrath, envy, covetousness, gluttony, sloth, lechery, greed and fear
9.They bestow moral and physical balance throughout life
10.Samskaras give the confidence to face death bravely owing to a contented and righteous life

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