Promise - Praveen Dharmavarapu

posted Jan 16, 2015, 12:15 PM by Balvihar Teachers 6A   [ updated Jan 16, 2015, 12:17 PM by Balvihar Administrator ]

Promise is a declaration or assurance that one will do a particular thing or that a particular thing will happen. In Mahabharata, the story of King Shantanu and Ganga shows a little about promise. It also shows the consequences of breaking a promise. This story shows you should be slow to promise but quick to perform and to promise is easy, to keep is troublesome. Now that I have explained a little about promise I will tell the story of King Shantanu and Ganga.

One day, King Shantanu went out hunting in the forest in which flowed the river Ganga. He got out of his chariot to have stroll by the banks of the river when all of a sudden his eyes noticed a beautiful damsel emerging out of the water. Shantanu asked the damsel who she was. The damsel wanted to know why Shantanu asked that. He then tells the damsel that his name is Shantanu and that she has captured his heart. The damsel questions the king if he would want to marry her. He says of course! Why not? The damsel said only on one condition. I am Ganga the goddess of this river and I have a special mission to finish. The condition is you would neither ask me the reason of anything I do nor prevent me from doing it. Shantanu and Ganga later married each other and went back to Hastinapur.

 After a while, Ganga had a baby and Shantanu was joyful. But his face wore a frown when Ganga hurried out of the palace. The king followed her and ended up in the banks of Ganga. He was surprised to see her placing the baby in the river and letting it drown. But the he knew the promise he made and said nothing. Ganga did the same thing to 7 more children. When the 8th son was born King Shantanu had enough with the drowning of his children. Right at the moment Ganga was dropping the baby in the river the king stopped her. He asked her what all this nonsense was. Hearing this, Ganga told Shantanu that he has broken his promise. She also said that she won’t kill this son but she will leave Shantanu for the rest of his life.

This shows that you shouldn’t expect from others you can’t promise them yourself. Shantanu’s heart was gripped by Ganga’s beauty and didn’t care as much as to what the condition was. He didn’t expect her to drown babies and he shouldn’t have made the promise. This story teaches us that we should think before we make promises.