Friendships - Riya Contractor

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The Mahabharatha has two different type of friendship connections.
Arjuna and Krishna, Karna and Duryodhana
They each have different views in their friendships.
Karna and Duryodhana were indeed true friends and loyal to each other .
For example,Everyone insulted Karna,but Duryodhana stood by his side and considered him equal.
Karna never forgot Duryodhana's gesture and vowed to assist Duryodhana through his life and problems.
Their friendship compared to Arjuna and Krishna are similar and different in many ways.
Arjuna and Krishna used their friendship for many good reasons,like in the war when Karna used the serpent king,Takshak to kill Arjuna , Krishna quickly shifted the position of the chariot and missed Arjuna,saving him.
Similarities between these two friendships are that they both are loyal and respect each other.
They each stay by each others sides in situations,good or bad.These two friendships are the rare class of friends,"Dharmathma" (the righetous soul)